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Avalon Separation

Portable Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Established in 2015, Avalon Separation has achieved remarkable milestones in the field. Our vision is to lead in the separation of solid and liquid components from industrial and municipal wastewater, while also offering services for cleaning bodies of water like lakes, sumps, and rivers. We take pride in providing professional consulting, cost-effective solutions, high-quality products, and tailored services. 

Our flagship products include the sludge de-watering screw dehydrator, poly preparation and dosing system, sludge thickener, and mobile sludge dewatering unit. These find extensive applications in diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, oil and gas, dairy, textile, printing and dying, biogas, livestock, and more. Committed to excellence, we adhere to strict quality standards based on the ISO9001:2008 system and prioritize customer satisfaction. Our relentless focus on innovation is driven by an expert R&D team, resulting in superior products and upcoming technologies. We always prioritize both environmental and economic benefits for our valued customers.

Portable Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Our Vision

We’re a forward-thinking organization dedicated to helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint, save money, and generate high-quality compost. As a waste water treatment machine wholesaler, we’re committed to making composting an affordable and successful undertaking for organizations of any size. We’re passionate about this process because it not only saves money but also preserves the air, water, and soil.

Our Mission

As a forward-thinking organization, we are deeply committed to aiding in the reduction of environmental footprints, all while promoting cost savings and producing top-tier compost. Our dedication lies in making composting accessible, successful, and affordable for organizations of all sizes. We hold a strong passion for composting, recognizing its potential to not only save money but also to protect and preserve our vital resources – air, water, and soil. Additionally, we integrate cutting-edge STP sludge dewatering systems to further enhance our eco-friendly efforts. This innovative technology plays a crucial role in efficiently managing wastewater by reducing its volume, allowing us to extract valuable resources and contribute to a greener future.

What We Do?

At our core, we specialize in using cutting-edge technology to separate the solid and liquid components in wastewater, ensuring its cleanliness and safety for both the environment and public health. We collaborate closely with a range of industries and municipalities to introduce efficient techniques for wastewater treatment. As a trusted supplier of automatic dewatering machines, we strive to provide top-notch solutions for your specific needs.

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Food & Beverage

In the Food & Beverage industry, we employ advanced separation techniques to treat wastewater. Using specialized equipment, we effectively remove solid particles from liquid waste. This process ensures that the water discharged meets industry standards, promoting environmental responsibility in the Food & Beverage sector.

Pharma Industry

In the Pharma industry, we utilize specialized techniques to treat wastewater. Our advanced processes efficiently separate solid and liquid components, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. This enables the safe disposal or reuse of water, aligning with the stringent standards of the Pharma sector and promoting environmental sustainability.

Chemicals Industry

In the Chemical Industry, our specialized processes focus on efficient wastewater treatment. We employ advanced techniques to separate solid and liquid components, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. This promotes responsible environmental practices and allows for the safe disposal.

Power & Energy

In the Power & Energy sector, we implement advanced techniques for wastewater treatment. Our specialized processes efficiently separate solid and liquid components, ensuring compliance with industry standards. This promotes sustainable water management practices within the Power & Energy industry.

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stp sludge dewatering system

Avalon Separation is proud to be in partnership with various esteemed companies. Together, we strive to revolutionize wastewater treatment and environmental solutions. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to provide cutting-edge technologies and services that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our network of partners allows us to broaden our reach and impact in the field of solid-liquid separation.

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