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Avalon Separation, established in 2015, is a rapidly expanding company specializing in the separation of solid and liquid components from industrial and city wastewater. We partner with a diverse range of sectors including municipalities, food and beverage, power and energy, slaughter and livestock, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biogas, dairy, and oil & gas industries. 

At Avalon Separation, we specialize in ensuring that industries and cities have access to clean, impurity-free water. This not only protects the environment but also promotes public health. We’re proud to lead in this field, dedicated to forging a cleaner, safer world. As a top-notch Industrial Dewatering System Manufacturer in Gujarat and provider of Industrial Wastewater Management Plants, we’re eager to offer expert consulting services, cost-effective solutions, and top-quality, high-performance products. We always keep in mind the benefits for both the environment and your budget.

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We are Best bio gas dewatering machine supplier in India

Avalon Separaion is one of the most Trusted Bio Gas Dewatering Machine Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Exporters In India, Discover our advanced bio gas dewatering machines, designed for efficient and eco-friendly biogas production. As India’s premier supplier, we provide top-quality equipment tailored to your needs. Join us in shaping a greener, more sustainable future.


Avalon Separation Industrial Filtration Systems manufacturer

We take pride in being a leading Industrial Filtration Systems manufacturer. With a relentless commitment to quality and innovation, we engineer cutting-edge filtration solutions that meet the exacting demands of diverse industries.



Municipal Wastewater Treatment Machine

As a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Machine Manufacturer, Our primary focus is on separating the solid and liquid parts in wastewater to ensure it’s clean and safe for the environment and public health. We work closely with various industries and municipalities to implement effective techniques for wastewater treatment.


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Industrial Wastewater management plants

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